My name is Omid Sadeghvand and I developed video games.
I’ve been working with Game Design and Programming and 3D Design since 2003, when I first started using Dark Basic and Unity3D.

I love making games that are dark and scary and creative atmosphere here.
I would also like to try making all genres of games! And I think that a good developer should be able to make all game genres.
Now I’m developing a game for Android and iOS.

  • My Works:

Fighting in Adan Gulf: Lead Programmer, Technical graphics, Level design, Cinematic, Sound effect, Trailers of game

This game is a shooter action game, in Tehran Game Festival 2012 won the honor of “Best Art Director” and “Best Sound” get it.

Fighting in Aden Gulf: 10 Degrees Turn: Lead Programmer, Technical graphics,  Level design,  Sound effect, Trailers of game

After the first version of the game, multiplayer version was made
Multiplayer version of the game, a lot of changes compared to the first version. These changes include the Graphics and Gameplay.
In Tehran Game Festival 2013 could become an honor for “Best Technical Manager” I get.

Battlefish TD: Creator

This game is a Tower Defense game, which is designed for Android and iOS platforms. With over 150 different stages and 20 maps made.

Tehran Game Festival 2014 was held as well, As well as I could in two different “Best Strategy Game” and “Mobile Game of the Year” honor and I’m happy about this

  • Tutorial:

LipSync & Mecanim Animation in Unity3D
2D Shooting game in Unity3D
  • Skills:

    • Unity Game Development
    • Game design and Level design
    • 3D Studio Max (modeling, animation, rendering)
    • Sound effect designer
    • Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Experience working with Photoshop
    • Experience working with PHP and MySQL